Help Required

I have 30,000 odd contributors and 9,000 odd posts. A website of some authority. I have done it all by myself. The costs and the time spent are unbearable.


Your help and assistance is needed. I propose that you will pay a peppercorn sum of $1 for each time you enter peppercornpages. This is not set in stone, your input if this is an inappropriate charge will be gratefully appreciated by texting me on 61409068762 . The date of change to the site has not been determined.


I have made nothing from google ads.


This will deter robots. I have had to take off comments for this reason. You can comment forthwith,  Comments must be manually approved, therefore your comment will disappear and will reappear when it has been approved. Comments with 2 or more links to sites will not be allowed.


A common characteristic of comment spam is a large number of hyperlinks.


I welcome you to post. Posts have to manually approved but barring a post outside the scope of Peppercornpages, subscribers will be approved without editing.


These are the Post Categories that I have identified. You will be able to make new Categories.

Accountant, Accountancy, Acupuncture, Appliances, Aquaculture, Art, Artificial Grass Suppliers, Baby Needs, Banking, Body Building, Bread Making, Building, Cameras, Cell Phone, Chip Tuning, Cleaning Services, Clothes, Coffee, Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Cosmetics, Credit Agencies, Debt Relief, Dental Services, Diet, Diet Programs, Dog Food, Download Anime, Driving Instructors, e cigarettes, Electronic Games, Electronics,, Entertainment, Environmental, Equipment, Eye Treatment, Facebook Likes, Fashion, Fashion Handbags, Motor Vehicles, Mobile PC’s, Muscle Programs, Music, Naturopathy, Office Suppliers, Online Marketing, Online Trading, Outdoor Appliances, Paint Sprayers, Parka’s, Patents, Payday Loans, Paymasters, PC Systems, Personal Equipment, Personal Loans, Pest Control, Pets, Photography, Physical Fitness, Property Issues, Property Management, PS3, Public Relations, Real Estate, Refrigeration, Restaurants, Royal Jelly, Security, SEO, Shirts, Shoes, Skincare, Sneakers, Sofa’s, Software, Solar Cells, Sports, Sports Betting, Sports Shoes – male/female, Sunglasses, Swords, Tablet, Tea, Television, Tinnitus, Tints, Towing, Trade Tools, Translation, Travel Companies, Trx, Twitter Followers, Ugg Boots, Uncategorized, University and School, Used Cars, Video Production Services, VPN, Wallets, Watches, Web Sites, Web Hosting, Website Design, Weddings, Weight Loss, Windscreen Repair, Wine, Women’s Clothing, Work from Home, Xbox, You Tube Videos.


I thank you for your continued support.


Len Marks

Mob: 61409068762